Mondo Entertainment Pty Ltd

The concept and idea for Mondo Entertainment, was first conceived many years ago in the head and heart of it’s Managing Director, Leo Capuana, who from a young age always aspired to either be a Star, or a “Star Maker”, (knowing he’d be happy either way because he’d be involved in the Entertainment Industry in some way regardless).

What began as a passion and a hobby, quickly became too large to contain, and Mondo Entertainment Pty Ltd became official and legitimate in 2011.

At Mondo, they pride themselves on the fact that they don’t sit by the phone and wait for venues or clients to call them looking for acts……they actively go out and find the right venues for the right acts, and the right acts for the right venues !

The people at Mondo knock on doors and get results, so much so that Mondo Entertainment is on everyone’s lips right now, and is fast becoming the first port of call for many venues in Victoria who don’t have time to waste discussing their needs with the wrong people, and just want a reliable partner that has quality acts, and who always gets the job done at fair and reasonable prices.

At Mondo, they aggressively Promote each and every artist and act on their Books, and they also advertise each and every gig through their 5000 plus, (and growing), database of clients.

No gig is too small or too big for Mondo, and each proposal is carefully considered!

If you’re sick of excuses from other Promoters, why not give Mondo an opportunity to fill your requirements ?

simply pick up the phone and call Leo on 0431 100 987 or email leo@mondoentertainment.com.au and he will make it happen.

When you work with Mondo, you will quickly discover that old fashioned courtesy and service do still exist, and that absolutely nothing is a problem at Mondo !

“At Mondo, we don’t have Problems, we only have challenges….and we really do love a good challenge !”

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